Sunday, September 24, 2006


Check this out it's amazing.

No Software Needed?

Butterfly Marketing proves to be just as powerfulin strategies then in the software itself. Below you will find a student and customer of the course.
Michael Cheney of "Adsense Videos" applied the the pre-launch strategies and affiliate tools and JV strategies outlined in Mike Filsaime's ButterflyMarketing Manuscript to the his launch.
Here is what Michael Cheney had to say about what he learned in the Manuscript:
"Mike - first off I just want to say thank you so much!The techniques I learned from Butterfly Marketing played a BIG part in helping me make $63,249 in sales in 24 hours!!
As I write this I'm still finding it hard to believe. It seems a lifetime ago that the BFM package landed on my doorstep and I started poring over it with my smile getting larger and wider with each new insight as I realized that as long as I APPLIED what I was learning the principles were going to make something BIG happen!
Little did I know just HOW BIG it would be when I launched AdSense Videos...
AdSense Videos - 33 Hours After Launch..
The site went live. My life changed forever - seriously the results have been incredible Mike - we've grossed over $200,000 in 7 days!! The site got an Alexa ranking on Launch Day of 351!
AdSense Videos was ranked Number 1 on the ClickBank Marketplace in the Marketing category just 4 days afterthe Launch!
I've also been getting, on average, one new subscriber every minute of every hour for the past SIX AND A HALF DAYS!!!
So - What did I learn from you Mike and from ButterflyMarketing? Where to start! I think one of the biggest things was the step-by-step approach. Everything I created for Affiliates, Joint Venture partners and for people going through the videos themselves has been step-by-step. I made everything as easy as I could and 'muppet-proof' as I like to call it!
I also realized that it's paying attention to the smallerdetails BEFORE launch that really pay dividends AFTER theLaunch. And BOY am I seeing that!
You gave some absolute gems of advice in Butterfly Marketing which have, without a shadow of a doubt, contributed in a big way to the overall success of AdSense Videos.
Thanks again!
Michael Cheney"----------------------------------------------------------
You too can have the same results as Michael Cheney byimplementing the tactics and strategies outlined in MikeFilsaime's Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.
Learn why people are saying that this report changed theway marketing is done on the internet for good!
To your success,ori

Learn about weight loss through my life story.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


17 Again...

Back by popular demand. I'm reposting one of my segments because of popular demand.

I got so many feedbacks from this post I feel I have to leave it up there for some time.
So enjoy :-)

When I turned 17... I made some serious changes.

Running is not fun.
I gotta tell you.

I ran every second day for four months strait. That was in 1995. I lost weight- about
20 pounds in two months and another 10 pounds in the next two months.
I felt great. I was stronger, it was easier to get up in the morning and even the "ladies"
started noticing me. I'll tell you all about that once I get more courage to go there.
It was not very pretty - to say the least.

But the problem was that I hated running. I was really suffering before, durring and after, every time I went running. As I said in the beginning: "I hate to swet." (archive: 09/08/2006).
But still, things were looking good. I was 17 years old, looking good and then (being 17 years old and stupid), I went to get hair laser removal.
It hurt like a bitch (sorry for the french).

Then being even more stupid, I logged on the internet, got a yahoo domain name - it was, (don't look for it, it's not there anymore) and loaded pictures of myself for the world to see. It was kind of nice: I first loaded pictures of me before I lost weight and the after I lost weight, and after the hair removal.

I was really proud of myself. You see, after you work really hard, and suffer hell when they remove your body hair, you get to look at yourself on the web. (by the way, I would still advise anyone to do that... even though be ready to receive some pain from your friends about it.)
But I still have those pictures somewhere and they still look pretty good.

The yahoo web page went down after about two months, when my parents found out
(I remind you it was 1995). They went "burzurk" on me.
The worst was when they showed the pictures to my extended family. Again I won't
go there.

That was the end of age 17.
18 wasn't so good.
Tell you about it next time.

That's it, I hope you enjoy it.

Learn about weight loss through my life story.

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